1. Brunette Live at e_fagia's Digital Event, Cinecycle, Toronto, March 2013.

  2. tonyhalmos:

    I created the sounds (except for the sampled vocals and seagulls), then scripted, performed in and edited this video as part of the first “Brunette presents Group Autogenics” performance at e-fagia’s Dystopias on Art and Technology event: facebook.com/events/131378430371134/

    It was shot by Rea McNamara

  3. "Heavy Mass" (2012).

    Heavy Mass is an immersive video and performance created by artists Rea McNamara, Alvaro Giron, Tony Halmos and Ulysses Castellanos. It is a live sound and video collage create by means of vinyl records, Tech 12 turntables, DJ software such Traktor and Ableton Live, aleatoric sound generating modules for the iPad, the VJ software Modul8 and the VJ application for Virtual DJ. Heavy mass is a multimedia performance composed of sound and video mashups in real time, combining sound recordings with video images that are projected from multiple projectors around the room. The audio track from the video material is incorporated into the mix and used as an audio component.

    Brunette performs Heavy Mass wearing white robes, and assumes different poses and actions that allude to worship. These nonsensical actions point to the absurdity of worshipping anything at all.

    The elements that are remixed in Heavy Mass come from sources as varied as horror film footage, YouTube videos of possessions, 20th Century, classical and electroacoustic music, jazz, old 45 pop records, gospel music, musique concrete, techno, house, hip hop, drum n’ bass, etc. Brunette combines video mixing with sound to create a totally immersive environment, enveloping the audience within a visual and aural vortex. The result is disorienting and enticing. The sound from Heavy Mass is mixed and broadcast in a digital surround configuration, adding to the sensory overload of the performance.

  4. Screen shots from the “Heavy Mass” video work (2012).

  5. Behind the scenes on the Panamerican Routes festival workshop performance of “Heavy Mass”.

    Images courtesy of Tony Halmos